Are lemons good for Acne?

You might be asking Are lemons good for Acne?.   You might be thinking right!   Lemons are wonderful and have many beneficial features for a human body.  If you are struggling with acne scarring lemons might be beneficial.

Lemons have citric acid and when lemon juice is applied to the face it will pull out excess oil and slough off dead skin cells.

How to apply lemon juice for Acne?

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

Take a washcloth and create some steam by running the hot water in the sink than get the washcloth wet with warm water – not too hot so you don’t get burned, obviously, and soak your face and keep repeating this for a couple times.   Than, get lemon juice on facecloth or even cotton balls and rub into your face to get into the pores.

You can repeat this a couple times of applying lemon juice to your face.  After a period of time – maybe less than thirty minutes you can the lemon juice off your face with cold water.  You might want to repeat this process every couple of days.

Also, you might consider drinking lemon juice. There are many articles about how beneficial lemon juice is for people’s health.
This post discusses some of the vitamins, minerals and chemicals in lemons and how they make for a good face wash.

I hope this helps answer your question Are lemons good for Acne?