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Working Acne Products

This site was created to help people get rid of acne. We understand how difficult it is to deal with acne on a daily basis since we suffered from acne as well. Acne not only hurts physically but emotionally as well.

There is no point in trying acne products that don’t work. By trying acne that don’t work you will end up losing money, time, and still have the acne you started out with in the first place.

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

We conducted lengthy research and had thousands of users rate the best acne products that actually work. Out of the hundreds of acne products we researched only five acne products showed consistent proven results in eliminating acne quickly and effectively.

We hope these products will help you get rid of your acne as it did for so many other people as well!

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Determine Actually What Causes Acne

Having acne can be an agonizing experience for any teenager, especially for adults who never seemed to got out of the acne phase. The stores and online shops are full of acne products being sold every year which is a clear indication that people are desperate to rid their skin of this ugly acne condition and the embarrassment that comes with it.

The problem is most of these acne products on the market merely treat the symptom but not the underlying cause of the acne condition. Getting rid of acne should be from the root cause rather than only treating the symptom.

Acne can be caused by toxins stored in the body that have not been flushed out.  Such as fat, hormones or perhaps other chemicals.  When your body organs have not disposed of these toxins than they may be expelled thru the lungs or skin which would lead to acne in many people.   When the toxins are released thru the skin it can cause the skin to swell and the pores become affected and the resulting effect is an acne condition.

Probably most dermatologists would recommend recommended scrubbing your face and neck daily with soap and water to help reduce the toxins, dirt and oil in the skin. This can leave you with clean skin and removal of the oil and dirt and help to eliminate infection in the pores of your skin leading the the acne condition.  Besides soap and water there are other natural methods that many people enjoy such as a lemon face wash.

Make sure to eat proper nutrition to help your body function the best as possible to aid in proper elimination of toxins which could help reduce the acne condition from becoming a major issue in your life.  Remember to keep your face and skin properly washed and clean also to help avoid the buildup of skin oils and dirt which may lead to infection that might trigger acne.

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Acne Cysts And Their Treatment

Severe scarring acne is characterized by deep cysts, inflammation and, extensive damage to the skin resulting in massive and unsightly scarring.  Most likely an intense therapy would be required to minimize the scarring.  Of course, the severity of the acne condition and scarring and other factors will play into how much therapy would be required to treat the scarring.

Here is list of acne treatments which various people choose to try in order to combat their personal acne problem.

*Isotretinoin (strong medication to help manage severe cystic acne)
*Oral contraceptives
*Oral antibiotics
*Surgical Removal
*Drainage Removal
*Inner lesion corticosteroid injection

Besides medical treatments many folks like to try natural remedies to treat acne.

Of course, your Dermatologist will recommend efficient options to treat your specific acne condition.  If a surgery was performed to remove an acne cyst it would be in an aseptic condition and treated properly.  The Dermatologist would know if the surgery is recommended or if the acne cyst can be treated with one of the methods mentioned above or perhaps another way that hasn’t been mentioned.  Be careful not to do things to treat your acne that could lead to scarring.

Don’t forget to think about natural treatments for acne as well.  Organic remedies, good diet, essential oils, natural foods, fruits and vegetables.  Make sure to rest properly and do things that cause your body to be in a healing mode rather than in a destructive mode.  These may help prevent, reduce or treat acne cysts.  Always make sure to consult with your Dermatologist to treat your acne or to develop an appropriate plan of action that would include medical treatment and or natural treatments for acne cysts.
For more information: to learn about acne cyst treatment and removal topics.


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Does Removing Surface Oils Treat Acne?

Most people believe that oily skin causes acne. However, they need to keep in mind that even people with dry skin suffer from acne. So, really, you could say that both types of people or rather both types of skin – people with dry skin and people with oily skin both cans suffer from acne. Removing surface oils and trying to dry the skin to make acne disappear does not work. If you have oily skin, no amount of drying will help. With oily skin, you can only keep the skin dry, but can not treat acne by drying the skin. It may hurt you more to dry out your skin. You can treat your acne in other easy ways. Here is how.

Acne and Benzoyl peroxide

If you have zits, pimples, acne, blackheads or whiteheads, there is always Benzoyl Peroxide to try. If that is not suitable for you try salicylic Acid. These are Over the counter products and if you have patience, they might get rid of your acne. Don’t squeeze your pimples and acne. That will enlarge your pores and may create scars. Let your skin dry slowly and after some time some you might see results.

Acne and Retinoids

For severe acne, get antibiotics and retinol creams. The antibiotic will stop the bacteria from spreading and retinol will dry the skin and remove the block that is causing sebum to accumulate in your pores and causing acne. Of course, you will want to discuss this with your Dermatologist.

Acne and AHAs

AHA formulations loosen the dead skin cells and remove them. If you regularly use AHA , your acne may never get a chance to form. Acne forms only if the gland is blocked. AHA opens the gland and may work as a good preventive. Please consult your doctor about the above options.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Lemon Face Wash for Acne

Once upon a time there were two bright yellow fresh lemons sitting on a tree (hanging on a tree). Along came a person who had a bad case of acne, pimples and zits. The person looked at the lemons and a thought came to mind.. hummm.. look at those zesty yellow lemons. “I’ve heard they are an astringent – maybe they will help remove the excess oil from the pours of my skin” thought the person.

It was as if the two lemons could understand what the human was thinking. They’ve heard before about humans picking fresh lemons to make a nice lemon facial wash for their skin to try and treat acne problems. So, the two yellow fruit looked at each other and wondered what was going to happen. Before long – a hand stretched out and picked them both and they were brought into the house and put on the kitchen counter. Than came the knife. Uh oh – they said to each other. One of us is about to be cut in half and squeezed. Turned into lemon juice.

Why would this human do this to us? I thought we were supposed to be turned into freshly squeezed lemon juice for drinking purposes mixed with some sugar. Well, this is something new. So, out came the squeezer and before you know it one lemon became juice. A side note, the human had been told this treatment is good as a face wash because of all the incredible chemical and vitamins inside a lemon. Of course, it would depend on what type of skin – smooth, soft, moist, dry, etc.. as to if this type of treatment is beneficial for removing acne.

Here are some of the things the human learned were in a lemon.

Health Benefits of Lemons

  • Anticeptic
  • Anti-Scorbutic
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Lemons have more anions than cations

Ok, now back to the sliced fruit. The deeds been done. The juice is in a bowl. Now, the bowl is in the bathroom by the sink. Before you know it out comes a wash cloth from one of the cabinet drawers and steamy water from the faucet. The steamy water is rubbed on the face till the pores open. Than, the lemon juice is applied with a cotton ball. A few minutes goes by and sometimes the human puts on another application. After about 30 minutes the lemon juice is washed off the face. The human is hoping this will rid the skin of excess oils and help to treat and prevent acne.

The moral of this story is that the two lemons should be happy that they helped a human (one of them) with a facial problem due to an acne skin condition. Normally, as I said, they would have been squeezed and turned into juice with sugar added for an ice drink for someone on a hot day. Did I say “sugar” and “hot”? Oops. How about some honey – after all we do want to be thinking of natural remedies and healthy lifestyle. Many humans choose to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice at night and in the morning as – not only does it taste good but the feel it is beneficial for many things besides being used as an acne treatment.

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Acne Products Reviews

You are probably thinking if you could just have access to Acne Products Reviews than it would help you decide which products to use to treat your acne condition. Regardless, if your looking home remedies for treatment of acne or a combination of acne medicine and home acne remedies. In either case – do make sure to have a healthy diet as that will certainly play into having healthy skin.

There is a lot of information available as to which acne products are the most helpful to people. Also, a local dermatologist could be helpful in helping you choose which acne products would work best and will be a good source for acne products reviews. That would certainly be a professional review if you are seeking to use acne medicine. Of course, remember, that you might be using natural acne products and home remedies even if you are using acne medicine.
Click Here to See the Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

Keep all your options in mind as you try to solve this acne skin condition. Think about the type of skin you have. Is your skin dry or moist or oily? Each type of acne product will work differently with each type of skin. Know your skin. Use the correct acne products. Take some time to see what Acne Products Reviews are available for you to research and get the answers you are seeking to take care of your acne.

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Home Remedies for Treating Acne

Treating Acne with Home Remedies

– Acne, Pimples, Whiteheads and Blackheads. Are you tired of being embarrassed and being stared at everywhere you go and wondering how bad it must look? Home Remedies for Treating Acne should give you a lot of help in solving this facial problem.

Click Here to See the Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

While you are thinking of how to treat your acne – using natural home remedies or over the counter acne medicine – you should take a look at acne products reviews.

Don’t forget what you have learned from Home Remedies for Treating Acne. Learn how to clear up your skin and get rid of those ugly blemishes and how to keep treating your skin to keep acne away or to minimize it. Having a healthy diet is also important in having healthy skin.

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4 Acne Skin Care Tips For Healthier Skin

When dealing with acne skin care, most skin medical professionals commonly suggest that people affected with acne must practice acne skin care methods that will help improve the condition of their skin.

Acne, as you may already know, is a very severe skin disorder that affects people from all over the world. It not only affects the surface of the skin but also the inner layers of the skin. Acne usually occurs on the face, neck, chest and back, and it usually starts during the adolescence period.

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

During the past several years, many acne experts and skin care professionals including dermatologists have conducted several studies on how to prevent the formation of acne. And fortunately, these skin care specialists have come out with certain acne skin care tips that can be of great help for fighting acne. Discussed below are the four simpler yet most powerful acne skin care tips that someone can follow in order to have healthier and clearer skin. Here they are:

Acne Skin Care Tip # 1:  Always Very Gently Clean Your Skin

First of all, personal hygiene is very necessary for fighting acne and preventing. So, what most experts usually suggest, is a person should gently clean their skin with a mild cleanser at least twice a day. This simple acne skin care step is deemed important for fighting acne since washing your face or the other affected areas of your body will wipe away the acne-causing bacteria found on the skin including excess oil. Also note that even though you are  told to scrub your face, scrubbing is not a good acne skin care activity since it will trigger the development of more acne, thereby worsening the condition.  Besides this acne skin care step, it’s worth noting that astringents are not always suggested unless the skin is very oily. And, they must only be applied on the oily spots.  (Lemon is an astringent).

Acne Skin Care # 2: Refrain from Frequently Touching Your Skin

Another helpful acne skin care tip is to avoid frequently touching the skin. Do not pinch, pick or squeeze your pimple since it will only worsen the condition. Most people consider this acne skin care step as one of the most important acne skin care pointers knowing that it may only cause infection and scarring. Therefore, you should avoid rubbing and touching your skin lesions if possible.

Acne Skin Care # 3: Always Choose Cosmetics Carefully

This acne skin care tip holds that people who are being treated for acne must change some of the cosmetics they use. Note that in order to avoid the onset or the development of acne, the cosmetics you plan on using like foundation, blush, moisturizers, and eye shadow should all be oil free. Aside from that, this acne skin care tip also holds that you must avoid oily hair products for they may cause closed comedones. Therefore, only apply those products that are labeled as noncomedogenic.

Acne Skin Care # 4: Consider Lemon Face Wash For Oily Skin

This acne skin care tip helps many acne sufferers with oily skin.  They get their face steamy with warm water and apply lemon juice with a cotton ball and let stand for several minutes before rinsing off.  This acne skin care tip helps to remove excess oil from the skin.

If fact, most people are very conscious of their skin condition. And as such, we are always wanting to have fresh, good-looking skin as much as possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to use the simple steps that will help minimize skin conditions.  They often are blind enough that the don’t see what is really right or wrong for their skin. We often fall into the trap of frustration and desperation which causes us to go buy high-priced beauty products that in the end turn out to be a waste of time, money and resources, and even worsen our acne. Hopefully, the above mentioned acne skin care tips will be a good start to help you enhance your skin condition.


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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

5 Tips for getting rid of Acne

Acne is a widespread problem that a lot of teenagers face. It can be extremely embarrassing for teenagers who are at a very social time in their lives. Here are 5 tips to help.

Almost everybody has seen the late night acne infomercials with Jessica Simpson and Sean “Diddy” Combs. I guess, they think, if a celebrity thinks something is good, then so should you. The promises made for the product sound surreal, and yetmay be just the cure they’re looking for. Even so, it may not be for everybody. It might be for you.  It might not be.

A young lady who had acquired a bad case of acne recently, tried the infomercial solutions, and they didn’t work on her at all.  Being a young lady, she was beset by acne breakouts and needed a fast solution.  However, she was unable to find a quick solution, so she ended up going to the local dermatologist for acne information and answers.  The doctor gave her a prescription for a cream and an oral medication.  After following his instructions for a couple weeks, her acne had virtually dissappeared. This was the right solution for her, but it may not be for you – because we’re all different.  A natural remedy might work better for you.

Here are some general acne treatment tips.

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

If you have oily skin – you might consider a medicated acne product or one in gel form.  Or, perhaps also consider using a lemon juice acne treatment.

If you have dry skin – you’ll probably do better with the acne cream form and medicated products with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid.

If you have both oily AND dry skin (combined type) – you will probably need a combination of oily skin gels and dry skin acne creams to apply to different parts of your face according to the skin condition that you have.

If you have sensitive skin – you will might consider less intense concentrations of either dry, oily, or combined-type of treatments.

If you have skin pain because of acne – you should get personal attention from a dermatologist.

So many people struggle with skin afflictions on a regular basis. With the advances in science, you’d think that the acne problem would have been solved long ago and that acne would be a problem of the past.  But, that’s not the case – the age-old confidence destroyer is still around and going strong.


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Are lemons good for Acne?

You might be asking Are lemons good for Acne?.   You might be thinking right!   Lemons are wonderful and have many beneficial features for a human body.  If you are struggling with acne scarring lemons might be beneficial.

Lemons have citric acid and when lemon juice is applied to the face it will pull out excess oil and slough off dead skin cells.

How to apply lemon juice for Acne?

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System

Take a washcloth and create some steam by running the hot water in the sink than get the washcloth wet with warm water – not too hot so you don’t get burned, obviously, and soak your face and keep repeating this for a couple times.   Than, get lemon juice on facecloth or even cotton balls and rub into your face to get into the pores.

You can repeat this a couple times of applying lemon juice to your face.  After a period of time – maybe less than thirty minutes you can the lemon juice off your face with cold water.  You might want to repeat this process every couple of days.

Also, you might consider drinking lemon juice. There are many articles about how beneficial lemon juice is for people’s health.
This post discusses some of the vitamins, minerals and chemicals in lemons and how they make for a good face wash.

I hope this helps answer your question Are lemons good for Acne?


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Products that treat acne scarring

Products that treat acne scarring

Acne is such an unpleasant factor to have just when it is all red and loud, that folks might notice it and tell you how bad it looks. But, the pain of getting the scars of such a terrible ski problem would certainly bother any person. The bad outcomes of having acne don’t cease when the red bumps are gone. Although the pimple are gone, the scars are so obvious  they will surely be noticeable.  Even after using several products that treat acne scarring.

Are these scars bothering you? If so, there are available acne scarring products so that you could get rid of them. Properly, these processes may really cause you to spend some amount but as attested by most who tried the next methods|:

1. Collagen injection
2. Autologous fat
3. Dermabrasion
4. Microdermabrasion
5. Laser Treatment
6. SkinSurgery
7. Skingrafting
8. Treatment of keloids
9. Products that treat acne scarring
And who could be able to have the above- mentioned treatments? People who are affected with acne from various ages for as long as it comes with the dermatologist’s prescription may have the said treatments. How widespread is acne|in the world?

Step By Step Holistic Clear Skin System
According to studies, acne is one of the most widely affecting skin problems especially affecting the United States. For Americans, 40 to 50 million of them are facing this kind of problem. Furthermore, most of those who experience acne are those young people at the age of 11 until those adults aging 30. The most common portions affected are the face, chest and back.
You could not just choose whatever treatment you want to have; there is a proper treatment for the type of scar you want to treat. It is a must that you have the right information and of course you seek the help of an expert for the dedication of the type of| scars you have so that you would also be| guided in choosing the right way of treating your scars.
The right way of treating acne scars must be determined so that you could be able to have the results you want to achieve and definitely get the most out of  you spend.  Many people use products that treat acne scarring.

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